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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

170 viewsShe stopped at 11,800F and the ARP was 12,585F she's a winner!
175 viewsA long shot of the studio just before the second showcase showdown. Behind the wheel is a video wall and to the right is one of the "Big Clam Shells"
144 viewsOur Clock Game and Race Game winners are in the showcase
205 viewsThey each bid on the same showcase. The guy is the top winner and he hits a plunger that stops the video wall from flashing around. He stopped in on 15,000F which is the amount they must be within, without going over, in order to win the showcase
146 viewsIn their showcase they can win camping gear, a telescope, the video camera the model is holding and even the outfit the model is wearing
141 viewsPlus there is an exotic trip
164 viewsAnd to top it off...this new car!
154 viewsThe contestants are ready to make their bids within the time limit. They write their bid down on a card which is then displayed on the toteboard in front of them
143 viewsShe has bid 151,500F
148 viewsHe bid 160,000F even
185 viewsActual Retail price is...167,546! He wins! He was closer without going over and he was within range! His friends come and celebrate
233 viewsSee any familiar names?
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