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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

1209 viewsA side shot of door number 2 with the infamous "Barker wall" in view.
1126 viewsA behind the scenes shot of door number 1.
1179 viewsEver wonder where Bob's microphone sits when it's not in use? It sits in this holder that is attached to the front of the stage between the producer's table and contestant's row.
1168 viewsRich Fields reports the weather for CBS2 in Palm Springs, his affiliate prior to getting the full time gig at Price. Rich was able to broadcast his weather reports live from the Bob Barker Studio during his transition period.
1015 viewsPrice Announcer Rich Fields broadcasting his weather report for CBS2 in Palm Springs before he left the station.
1062 viewsRich Fields again in studio after a Price taping doing the weather for the evening news in Palm Springs.
1079 viewsAnother behind the scenes shot of Rich broadcasting the weather from the famous Bob Barker studio to Palm Springs!
1307 viewsIf you ever get the chance to stand in Contestant's Row, this is what you would see. An arrow that points the contestant in the direction of the correct stairs, as well as two small flashing lights that indicate who the winner is.
1168 viewsA backstage look behind door number 1.
1260 viewsA wide shot of an open door number 2, leading the entrance of studio 33. You can see the curtain on the right and the large elephant doors for the studio. Directly across the hall is studio 41 and 43 where Young and the Restless is taped.
1260 viewsThe Price is Right's storage facility. This was taken after the entire set was "struck" (taken apart) at the end of the taping week. It gets very crowded back here when everything is put away! You can see the big doors on the right, trip signs on the left, and number 3 from Most Expensive directly in the center. And BTW, how do I get to "Death City"?
974 viewsA close up of one of the various Price is Right logos that have been used.
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