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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

431 viewsMany would-be contestants come to the show with homemade shirts. This shirt was worn by Rob Rosa, and boy did it do him some good! Rob, who was the first contestant of the new millennium, won himself a Chevrolet Malibu playing the Spelling Bee game.
430 viewsIt's announcer Rod Roddy's job to "warm-up" the audience before every show. This interactive warm-up gets a somewhat tired studio audience exciting and ready for a fun-filled hour!
474 viewsAnother great shot of Rod Roddy, as he asks the audience how many of them watched Soap. Did you watch Soap? Rod was the announcer of this outrageous comedy.
470 viewsHere is a nice shot of Rod with the audience in the background...he's calling for one last round of applause as Bob exits the studio, and calling in one of Barker's Beauties for the door prize drawing.
541 viewsRod Roddy is doing his warmup for a TPiR Season 32 premiere week show.
466 viewsTPiR announcer Rod Roddy made an on-camera appearance during TPiR's Season 32 premiere. Nice seeing you again, Rod.
484 viewsShane Sterling (in curlers) and Lisa Gleave hanging out on the turntable during rehersals.
505 viewsJake Mangin, Brandi Sherwood, and Doug Bradshaw waving for the camera just before being spun around on the turntable.
419 viewsThe Two Doug's! Doug Quick (stage manager at Price) and Doug Bradshaw.
554 viewsHere is Pete Mamonis Jr. and his friend Laura. Pete's father (Peter, not shown) was lucky enough to walk The Golden Road in June 2001, and come away with this brand new Dodge Viper -- the biggest single prize ever given away on the show at that time. Here they are at the dealership taking delivery of the speed demon!
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