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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

559 viewsTwo of the greatest TV announcers around, Randy West and Rod Roddy!
436 viewsWhat Male TPIR Models would look like...
505 viewsRod Roddy and the "Lovely" Lisa!
465 viewsHere's John Fullerton, winner of's "Walk of Fame" contest surrounded by some of his most prized TPiR collectibles. Very nice, John!
438 viewsHere's another photo of John Fullerton with copies of magazines and photographs he's collected over the years of watching TPiR.
474 viewsJohn with more of his collectables, this time showcasing the wonderful announcers from The Price is Right. The small card in front of him was handed out at Rod Roddy's funeral.
494 viewsMarc and the $20,000 Grand Game sign used for the nighttime specials.
506 viewsHere is Marc with TPiR host Bob Barker after a taping day.
510 viewsShown here is TPiR host Bob Barker and producer Roger Dobkowitz discussing if the game should be renamed from "Coming & Going" to "Coming Or Going". The OR option was ultimately selected.
497 viewsWith a full cast and crew watching, Bob Barker and Marc Green take part in the first ever rehearsal of Coming Or Going.
459 viewsMarc thinks that Pathfinder is so dull that he just falls asleep thinking about it. Shown here is a snoring Marc with the 0 tile used in the game.
499 viewsMarc Green with TPiR Producer Roger Dobkowitz.
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