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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

1489 viewsThis is an art card used once in TPiR history. That is when the big Plinko sign was in the shop, so they used this graphic instead.
1109 viewsHere comes the Price is Right tugboat with the next item up for bids!
1789 viewsThis is the rear of an old Showcase podium. What you see on TV is not always what you get!
1379 viewsA wide shot of the back of the big wheel.
1577 viewsA closeup picture of the Grocery Game's famous cash register. It's an actual cash register that really works, the only difference is the cash drawer doesn't open.
1729 viewsThis is called a "crawl board." It was used at the end of each show before signing off the air. It's been replaced by a graphic and is no longer used.
1570 viewsAnother art card that is no longer used. It was used when a contestant won both showcases and, it too, has been replaced by a graphic.
1266 viewsThe old Golden Road sign, and the original establishing shot to this website!
1081 viewsThe new Golden Road sign that is used today.
1035 viewsA numerical tag is given to all members of the audience. On half of the tag (not shown), you write down some personal information. That half is torn off. The number on your tag is your "contestant number". When you interview with the producer, he will know your first name and this number. Should you be picked, the producer will make note of this number, and then match it up with your personal information indicated earlier.
1799 viewsThis is the sound effects (SFX) keyboard used to make several of the sounds you hear on the show such as One Away's car horn, Freeze Frame's shutter click, and the Double Showcase win sound effect.
1191 viewsConductor West on the TPiR train.
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