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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

1440 viewsThis is what the back of the studio looks like without the multi-colored curtains. Behind the glass is the control room. When other shows (like Hollywood Squares) tape in the studio, this is what it looks like.
1197 viewsA shot of the back of the studio.
905 viewsBob Barker's make-up chair, found in his dressing room.
1143 viewsBecause there is not much room behind Door #1, this area is often used to store the props needed for a particular show. That's why door #1 is used very little during the show. Here you see some of the backdrops that are temporarily stored in this area.
936 viewsThis is an exterior shot of CBS Television City, taken from the corner of Beverly and Fairfax.
1330 viewsThis shot was taken in the back of the studio, in the open white area in front of the curtains.
1326 viewsA camcorder image taken from the back of the studio.
1115 viewsThe Time Capsule plaque outside the studio
1197 viewsThis is a shot taken from the producer's table at the end of a show that aired in January 2000. This lucky Showcase winner won herself a brand new Ford Focus. The black box on the right side of the picture is the rear of the slate. Bob Barker, Janice, Kathleen, the contestants, and some technical personnel can all be seen in front of door #2. You can see the studio camera's shot on the monitor shown on the left side of the picture.
1079 viewsThis mural was dedicated on June 12, 2003 in celebration of the start of Bob Barker's 32nd Season at the helm of The Price is Right. Pictured is the whole TPiR cast gathered for the event.
918 viewsAnother shot of Bob Barker's Season 32 mural. This shot is a video capture taken from a California CBS affiliate.
1141 viewsThe Studio Audience
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