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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

988 viewsAnother shot of the big signs
849 viewsThis is where all the action happens -- the 7800 block of Beverly Blvd.
1147 viewsThis sign sits on the camera right side of the studio. It was recently given a fresh paintjob and a new look. A little known fact, there is a music suite behind this sign. This is where TPiR Music Director Stan Blits and crew do their work.
1142 viewsDid you ever wonder what that sign says that sits in the back of the studio? If someone should wander back there, they would end up in the control room!
955 viewsThis light, hung above door #2, controls the multi-colored backdrops that you see projected behind prize displays.
984 viewsBob Barker gets thousands of autograph requests from his millions of fans. Here is his autograph setup, found on the coffee table of his dressing room.
932 viewsThis hangs near the entrance to Studio 33....oh excuse me, The Bob Barker Studio!
842 viewsThe Barker Stamp can be found hanging backstage near some of the pricing games.
876 viewsJohn Sly blocks traffic to take this picture outside of Television City.
886 viewsSomebody must have known that the staff of was coming. They played Golden Road for us, and played for this wonderful $50k+ Corvette!
976 viewsUnlike any other CBS employees, there are 2 private parking stalls reserved in the rear of the building for The Price is Right. As you can see, Rich Fields has his own, as does "Mr. Smith."
993 views'The Price is Right Auto Dealership!' Here's a look at cars parked near the warehouse which will be offered in Pricing Games and Showcases on upcoming tapings.
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