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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

917 viewsWhen a contract is up for a sponsored prize, they need to quickly make space in the warehouse for other stuff. Usually, the manufacturer is contacted and asked what to do with the item. If they don't want it back, everything is donated to charity. Another great thing about Price!
865 viewsHere's a photo of the Season 33 design on the signs in the back of the studio.
1000 viewsHere's Rich's current podium. Rich has already seen two podiums in his tenure at Price.
777 viewsA few days after Rich was hired full time, the Art Department surprised him with this personalized chair.
940 viewsOftentimes during taping, Bob Barker enjoys a mixture of tea & honey. Here's Bob's mini "drink station," which sits on the producers' table. For those who are interested, the "Wet Paint" sign is attached to props when they receive a paint touch-up prior to taping. This happens often.
1170 viewsThe March 3, 2004 aired slate.
1042 viewsThis device is used to illuminate the Showcase totals and the Showcase Showdown scores.
876 viewsA close up of the wiring of one of the huge TPiR dollar signs in the back of the studio.
817 viewsNear Stan Blits's desk sits a broken "L" from Line em Up. Rumor has it that this "L" is given to the lucky cast member who should make a mistake!
1094 viewsWhere did the multi-colored curtains go...???
1042 they are! Doesn't anyone clean up around here? Of course they do. In a matter of moments, the curtains were taken away in preparation for the next day's Hollywood Squares tapings.
955 viewsThe picture, taken upstairs by the music suite, shows us the area used after the show for final paperwork processing. Notice the TPiR logo imprinted on the table.
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