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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

910 viewsMore cabinets filled with graphics used over the years.
986 viewsThis open ended "booth" houses the sound effects operator. She will sit there and take commands from Gina Nyman, who coordinates whether or not a contestant is correct or not and signal for a buzz or a bell. You have to be very careful not to block this area so that every command can be seen quickly!
811 viewsWhen walking out the hallway to leave one day, Mr. Barker's dressing room door was open. Marc was able to snap a quick photo for you all to see the area where he gets his makeup and hair taken care of every day before a taping.
864 viewsOutside of the makeup room there is a wall of photos taken of the wonderful models in their various costumes, as well as some other funny stuff.
888 viewsThis is what the studio audience members saw as they made their way up the stairs and into Studio 33. The walls have since been painted with a TPIR logo visible on the wall.
852 viewsThis line shows where the turntable is lined up depending on which game is being played. For instance, for Triple Play and On The Spot, it is moved very far back. If the game is on the turntable, it may be closer towards the audience to make room for the cameras.
759 viewsAlmost there....
844 viewsAnd into the studio we go...
914 viewsThe first thing that the audience sees is a reprint of the Bob Barker Studio dedication plaque.
1016 viewsAnd finally, the potential contestants enter the studio and are seated by a page.
1069 viewsA shot of the full stage from the 3rd row of the audience.
998 viewsThe green covers over the "THE", "PRICE", "IS", and "RIGHT" seats are removable.
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