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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

763 viewsHe's a happy, happy man! Congratulations!
2074 viewsHere's a playing exactly 2 months after the premiere of Shower Game. Take note that the stalls have been updated with doors so that the prices can be easily seen by the audience in studio and at home.
1101 viewsThis contestant takes a walk to his first guess at the price of the car, $5,034.
1469 viewsHe pulls the handle and gets sprayed with confetti! That's not the right price of the car. He can now continue on again until he finds that key or wins $100.
1289 viewsLee can't see! He's got confetti everywhere. He's brushing it off his glasses before he continues on! Note that the logic behind which showers contain the money and which contain the confetti is never explained.
1700 viewsHere's a wide shot of the full Shower Game from the turntable side of the stage. Note that the stall door with the price he's already chosen is "open."
1434 viewsHe's found $100! He gets to keep that, but his chances at winning the car are through.
1345 viewsBob decides to show everyone what the correct price was and he pulls the handle down himself.
1304 views$4,752 was the correct price, as can be seen in the background as our host goes out for a commercial. Interestingly enough, when the Shower Game premiered, it was played in the first half of the show. In the second half, yet another game premiered. That game? It's Optional.
1555 viewsHere's the original Race Game curtain. What is it hiding today?
1604 viewsHoly soap! It's the Shower Game!
1264 viewsThis contestant is the first ever to play the Shower Game. When Bob showed him the game, he began to take his shirt off!
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