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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

198 viewsIt's Switcheroo!
211 viewsHe only has 1 right again, and unfortunately it's the hair dryer.
262 viewsNow here is an awesome Switcheroo player! He nailed all 5 prizes on the first try!
212 viewsIn early Season 32, the second wheelchair bound contestant in the history of TPiR was called down and made it on stage to play Switcheroo. Claudia was used to assist him in switching the blocks.
217 viewsFor the second time in Season 32, Cast Members assisted the contestant playing Switcheroo with changing the blocks. On this particular show, the oldest contestant ever on the show was called down. Bob moved the blocks for him this time.
163 viewsThe contestant must take these five blocks and place them in the prices of the five prizes. He has 30 seconds to do so.
164 viewsHere he goes...
150 viewsJust 1 right. Should he make changes?
223 viewsHe's made changes and here are his final choices.
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