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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

3002 viewsNext, we take out the directory - which is located right next to the oversized TPiR phone itself.
1364 viewsHere are the 3 "phone numbers" today that will help this contestant win a prize, hopefully the car! One of the numbers is the price of the car in dollars, the other two are the prices of the other two smaller items in dollars and cents.
960 viewsThe contestant puts her TPiR dime into the phone and begins to place her call.
938 viewsShe believes the car is $5,995 and she dials the numbers accordingly.
1025 viewsShe turns to Bob and hopes for the best as the call is being "connected." I found it amusing that she's covering the phone with her hand so whoever is on the other end wouldn't hear her?!
1217 viewsAll the Beauties have their hands on the phones. Which one is going to ring?
1026 viewsDian picks up her phone.
1357 viewsIf you look closely, just before the phone rings and the camera zooms in, the correct phone lights up. Dian's podium is lit indicating that her phone is ringing and that the contestant has won the Toaster.
1001 viewsMary and Bob wonder which price was correct for the car. If you've been playing along, $5,600 was the correct choice.
1022 viewsA little less than 3 weeks after the Premiere of Telephone Game, Jose was chosen and will play again. Let's hope for better results this time!
1128 viewsThe 3 prizes for the Telephone Game were announced in a most unique fashion. The contestant would be shown on stage and Johnny would be heard saying you can win..."A Food Slicer, a Toaster Oven, and......A NEW CAR!" The camera would cut to the door just as the car was announced.
1031 viewsOh boy, an Opel! This time we've got a Slow Cooker, and a Coffee Maker as the other two smaller prizes.
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