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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

499 viewsJanice used to surprise Bob when she handed off the mike. This day she placed a pair of fake teeth in her mouth, but Bob decided everyone should be in on the joke.
543 viewsVery few game show models' careers have spanned as many years as the career of Mary Poms. She started in 1967 on ABC's "Temptation", ended in 1985 on "Catch Phrase" (under real name Shana Forman), and in the middle was "The Wizard of Odds" (1974 with rookie American host Alex Trebek) and substitute duty on TPIR in the mid-70's.
521 viewsA double delight for a ceiling fan presentation. The winning bidder also gets a caftan from Queen's Way to Fashion. Or would you rather have a case of Clindo?
537 viewsHolly Hallstrom in her first year with the show, 1977.
495 viewsTaster's Choice, the freeze dried coffee that looks, smells and tastes like fresh ground coffee.
472 viewsDid we mention Mazola was a cheater? She attempted to distract Ben Her by smacking a pie in her face.
515 viewsAnother sword-and-silliness epic from the fevered brow of Jay Wolpert! It all paid off when he wrote "The Count of Monte Cristo" a few years back. Ben Her (Janice) challenges her archrival, Mazola (Holly), in a chariot race that has taken to the Los Angeles Freeway system.
505 viewsCBS had two Captains on its schedule in 1978: Captain Kangaroo, and Captain Jan, who would prance around the stage solving people's problems and generally saving the day.
483 viewsJanice Pennington nearly throws her back out dancing like a native to introduce a trip to Tahiti. The director had fun with her performance, alternating between shots of her gyrating hips and the art cards that showed the hotel and countryside.
464 viewsFrom 1981: Ready? OK! It's the famous Price Is Right Cheerleaders! "Okay, girls, let's hear what you're cheering for today!"
380 viewsThis Showcase is brought to you by the letters "T"...
380 views...and "A".
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