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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

540 views'Well, they're young and they'll understand!' When Lilie was called to "come on down," she came on up on stage. Bob asked her how she was going to explain it to the three contestants waiting to win their way up. Her response clearly delighted Bob and got huge laughs from the audience.
439 viewsHere is Bob - being surprised by a Samoan! Her first move was to place the straw hat he's holding on his head. THEN she picked him up and spun him around.
536 viewsYou have to look carefully at this picture from a 1988 playing of "Master Key," but you'll notice something's wrong with the key Bob is holding. It turns out that when Todd put the key into the middle lock, the end of the key slipped off. Bob joked that the key was worth $5,000! Todd ended up not having to worry about what might have been opened with the broken key...his other choice was the Master Key.
442 viewsAngela holds her commemorative rose as Bob Barker congratulates her on winning over $7000 on Valentine's Day 1973, a very high total for a daytime show. What was special about her win? She won a Schierich bar base, a Levitz Love seat, a Chevrolet Vega, and two Toyota Corollas. She may well be the first player on the show to ever win three cars.
465 viewsJudy's all ready to play! Notice how sedate the audience is on this 1973 show. It's an older crowd, better dressed, and a quieter bunch too. Male contestants frequently dressed in jackets and ties, and women in housedresses almost always brought their purses with them. In the 1980's the show started skewing younger, and now the audience is composed primarily of college kids in their school colors and uberfans with their custom T-shirts.
585 viewsThis player was hoping to draw a small card on her last pull. It was a ten. Any card would have helped, but the ten gave her one of the best wins in Card Game history (1976).
358 viewsThat same episode gave us one of the 1970s' best-remembered players, Crying Guadalupe. She learns she's about to win a game room playing her pricing game.
340 viewsShe sees the new color TV and continues crying! After she got into her game, she settled down and the tears stopped.
342 viewsFor awhile, anyway. She spun $1.00 on the wheel to force a spin-off and win her $1000.
343 viewsBarker gives Guadalupe a hug as the audience gives her a rousing ovation.
351 viewsAnd here's Guadalupe, crying still, having beaten her opponent and advancing to the showcase.
384 viewsGuadalupe then makes a very good bid on a showcase featuring a boat, and wins her showcase...
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