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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

291 viewsMary Ella couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the showcase in one of the 1986 Prime time specials.
360 viewsStaffers rush to the turntable right after Ailene fainted.
309 viewsMary Ella had the chance to win two new Mustangs.
335 viewsShe was even more in shock when she won her showcase.
288 viewsWinning more than $42,000 in prizes was just too much for her! As she hugged Bob, she slumped to the floor!
336 viewsBob exhibits the classic "show must go on" tradition, quickly signing off as Janice and Holly look after her.
377 viewsBob makes his Inspiration Putt to show Bertha how easy it is during a playing of "Hole In One."
369 viewsBut it's Bertha who has the last laugh! When Bob asks her if she saw his "finely tuned muscles" as he made the putt, she looked at him and asked, "You have muscles?" Bob's reaction was priceless.
367 viewsAs the camera frantically tries to get a shot of her, Holly calls for a cup of water to someone offstage.
308 viewsA contestant who could give our own ClockGameJohn a run for his money. With more than half of the time left to win the second prize, her first bid is $999: right on the nose!
315 viewsBut as quickly as Mary Ella fainted, she was back on her feet.
363 viewsAnd during the parade of prizes, she was jumping up and down as if her fainting spell had never even happened!
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