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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

329 viewsWinnifred takes the LONG way around the stage.
357 viewsTossing his price holder in the air, Bob jokes about the quick win: "Well, what do you want to do now?"
332 viewsShe goes all the way around the audience and straight up on stage! Bob holds her hand as she comes up one side, then leads her straight back down via the other set of steps.
344 viewsBut Winnifred is slick: she sits on the stage next to the steps and tells Bob she doesn't want to leave him. He sits with her for a moment and tells her that while parting is difficult, she has to get down to Contestant's Row where she belongs!
335 viewsBut wouldn't you know it: she's right back on stage and ready to play the "Race Game."
344 viewsDespite her best efforts, she managed to only win one prize.
353 viewsAs time runs out, Winnifred tells Bob she hopes the one prize she's won is the recliner because she's tired!
431 viewsSure enough, Winnifred wins the recliner, and can't wait to try it out!
363 viewsBob gets an unusual gift: a pair of Ohio State boxers!
434 viewsAnnie in action celebrating the very thought of winning a jeep. But hold on, haven't even played the game, yet!!
451 viewsAnnie never stops moving...but this time she's taking a victory lap around the stage, weaving around cameras, nearly running into poor Roger Dobkowitz. She must have really wanted that Jeep!
491 viewsBob Barker calls this, "the most talked-about moment in 'Price is Right' history!" Yolanda is called to come on down, and forgets she was wearing a tube top. What happened next, as Bob likes to say, was that "she came on down and they came on out!
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