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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

335 views...crying all the way to the bank with over $9000 in winnings and a place in all our memories.
351 viewsBob started one very memorable 1976 episode by announcing that a contestant had thrown a shoe.
337 viewsIt was Pamela, who turned out to be a real live wire -- until she lost her game.
371 viewsWhen Pamela won her one bid, she ran all over the stage and tried to chase Barker, who held his ground near the turntable.
491 viewsElijah wins his Showcase and brings us an un-4-gettable total.
393 viewsA week before Christmas 1979, Sabrina Padilla makes a stunning bid on her showcase and wins both, beating her opponent by over $4000. The $2 is thought to be the second closest bid in showcase history. Remember the movie "Better Off Dead"? "Two dollars!"
338 views"She picked me up so high I think I'm gonna have a nosebleed!"
382 viewsJudith reacts appropriately, as one would if she won two cars in It's Optional.
586 viewsYou want heartbreak? How about poor Dolores, who actually lost Hole in One in 1982 after getting all six products in order and winning a putt from the closest line! She didn't push the ball hard enough. And this was well before the two-putt rule was in place.
367 viewsAlice had a pretty interesting approach to the game. When Bob asked for her bid on the first item, she said "I pass."
393 viewsThe contestant can't believe she's won as Barker makes it official by putting the card in the slot.
475 viewsThe rules of TPIR state that you have to put your full legal first name on your price tag. K. couldn't. She's a Hawaiian girl, and her first name is one of those long affairs -- in fact, it's over 60 letters long!
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