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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

319 viewsA Phone Home player wishes her partner well.
340 viewsIn this 1983 show, Sheri had eight chances left to win the car, and the numbers 8, 1, 2, 3, and 0. She tried every one of the six valid four-digit combinations (ending in 0) before she won on her eighth chance! What a great player!
368 viewsVictoria asks if the lamps are by Richards. Johnny says they are. Without baiing an eye she bids $617.
373 viewsBarker gets a big kick out of it when the bell goes off signaling a perfect bid. He tells the audience not to get excited. "It could mean $350 is right, it could mean $450 is right..."
318 views"But it's not!" says Victoria, who memorized a list of 200 prices before getting on the show.
384 viewsIn 1984, contestant Colleen wins only one punch. According to Barker, she's the first to get only one punch.
466 viewsSometimes, one punch is all you need...she wins $10,000.
396 viewsLori wants to know what comes with the living room she can win. Some joker intimates that Dian comes with it.
355 viewsLori then says something surprising: "I don't think my husband would like her."
350 viewsBarker is surprised at all she doesn't win in the living room set. "No carpeting, no plants, no's hardly worth it! Wanna go sit down?"
375 viewsSo why on earth is Lori changing the check out to something higher? (That number, 4620, appears on every check in the pad and still does to this day. I have no idea why they settled on that number.)
379 viewsThese three contestants were in Contestants Row so long they decided to do something about it. Bob named them The Three Losers Featuring Donnell, who had a great deep singing voice. They did a few bars of "Clementine" before getting back to the game. Ironically, Donnell's back up singers made it to the stage and Donnell didn't.
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