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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

317 viewsMany people come to TPIR to win prizes. Ethel had something else in mind. "I had a dream about you, Bob, so I had to come down. I dreamt you were chasing me in the hayloft!"
352 viewsBob has always said that a man who gives away a lot of refrigerators tends to get hugged a lot. That goes for Lincolns, too, as a player gives his thanks after she's made it all the way down the Golden Road.
396 viewsJohnny yelled, "Janice Webber, COME ON DOWN!" and they did! They were BOTH named Janice Webber!
349 viewsAnd a long day for Bob gets longer.
335 viewsPhil says the one in white can stay and play, and the one in blue gets to sit down and watch the rest of the show.
337 viewsCan this player slam-dunk a new car in "On the Nose"?
317 viewsAfter a bad first throw that hit the lights, she underhanded her second biscuit into the basket and won!
335 viewsBob's happy for her, but that's not the point, as he continues his story about what a great high school basketball player he was!
353 viewsThis priceless reaction brought to you by Plinko, and $5000.
365 viewsNever mind that this is a nighttime show...whether the sun is up or down, 10 seconds on Race Game is BLAZIN!
326 viewsDon't you love a big winner?
400 viewsTPIR doesn't get weirder than this. In 1987, Mary is shown winning the pricing game Most Expensive.
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