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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

375 viewsMinutes later, she's on stage playing Hole In One! WHAT THE???! What had happened was Mary was called up on stage when she didn't win the one bid! Another player had won it, was awarded the prizes Mary won, and Mary went back to Contestant's Row, won the next one bid, and played Hole in One! Mary made it all the way to the Showcase and won it, scoring $12709 in her "actual" winnings not counting her first one-bid item and Most Expensive prizes, which she still got to keep.
492 viewsTwo Double Showcase Winners: from 1989...
351 viewsLisa in 1990 did what only one other person had done...
378 views...get the exact total price on "Check-Out"!
352 viewsNot just a winner, but a legend!
382 viewsOctober, 1990: Dian gives contestant Lisa four Plinko chips, giving her a shot at $25000.
421 viewsWith four chips having landed in 0, Bob trusts Dian to drop the final chip! But her chip lands in a zero as well!
510 viewsBob is amazed that Lisa didn't win a cent on five chips! So Bob climbs up the steps and gives it his all. "And ladies and gentlemen, if I am elected..."
407 viewsBob drops his chip, and it lands in the $1000 slot.
440 views...and from 1990.
345 viewsHere's Elizabeth, who beat the odds when she won her Showcase Showdown with a total of only 30 cents.
333 viewsYou all remember Iila, right? Who could forget the woman who bid $9000 on "a surfer's most excellent prize"?
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