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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

312 viewsCathy has five dollars left and one number left! Sure winner, right?
349 viewsUm, no. She said "9"! And it was a 3! She LOSES!
399 viewsTwelve years later, that woman who picked Bob up, spun him around, and gave him a nosebleed (as he claimed) returned to pay Bob a visit and haunt him with painful memories. Muusolia was told by Bob, "I will never forget you!"
424 viewsDanielle Torres and her jaunt into the TPIR record books.
322 viewsHer opponent is truly happy for her too, having just won a Lincoln and a Corvette. And she didn't even win both showcases! Imagine if THAT happened!
318 viewsDanielle starts to come alive as they wheel out the Lincoln for Lucky Seven.
350 viewsVan may be small, but she packs a wallop. So Bob will take a seat while Rod reads his copy.
392 viewsVan wins the prizes and Bob's natural instinct, of course, is to hide.
444 views1993: Amanda's thrill turns to horror as the wheel looks like it's going to kick over to 15, which would give her a tie and force a spinoff! YOU MAKE THE CALL!
384 viewsAmanda is declared a $1000 winner. But while Bob was placing the contestants for the spinoff, the pointer flipped over to the 15! Bob let the $1000 call stand, after equating it to golf. (Amanda won the showcase showdown but missed her showcase by a mile.)
398 viewsYou know what they say about dynamite coming in small packages! When Alexandra found out she was going to play 'Plinko' for a possible $25,000 prize back in 1986, she couldn't contain her enthusiasm. Barker's ready to run for cover!
355 views"That arm breaks, Annie!" Bob had reason to be worried: when Annie saw that she was going to play "Five Price Tags" for a new jeep, she ran wildly from one end of the stage to another!
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