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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

442 viewsBryan didn't realize that the green section meant he won an additional $5,000 in his bonus spin. Here's a nice shot of their graphic from 1986.
303 viewsRealizing her mistake, she "surrenders" the chip by placing it in front of the shell she already knows doesn't have the ball under it. Bob does a double take, then tells her to move the chip: "You cheated and got away with it!"
288 viewsDeborah was a terrific sport, laughing at herself throughout the bit, and Bob was sure to keep the hilarity going.
302 viewsIt was down to two shells: the last one she had a chip in front of and the one she'd already exposed. Bob: "You've ruined my show! You've ruined my game. This would be exciting...but everybody KNOWS the damned thing's not here!"
410 views"The Price is Right" has long been a favorite with the college crowd! But sometimes Bob worries about his safety when the partying starts on stage!
359 viewsBob invited Donna, a dance instructor, to show Barker's Beauties a new step. She demonstrates the "Snake."
350 viewsJanice and Dian immediately take to the new step.
345 viewsWhen Barker tried to get Holly to join in, she pointed at him and suggested HE do it instead!
364 viewsBob knew he was in trouble with Dora when she had to think about whether the first digit of the car was a 6, 3 or 0!!
337 viewsAilene clearly didn't think she'd won her showcase. When Bob pointed at her and said, "You WIN," what happened next was priceless.
295 viewsDora may look innocent enough, but she turns a simple game of "Temptation" upside down!
442 viewsAnother "Shell Game" fiasco: this time, they replaced the familiar yellow ball with new blue one. But this one doesn't roll as easily under the shell. Look closely at the first shell, and you'll see it rolling up to reveal the ball as Bob shuffles the shells.
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