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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

338 viewsBob mentions having received a letter from a viewer who says it's inappropriate for women to reach in his pocket for their cash bonus when they've made a perfect One-Bid.
515 viewsDenise wins a Porsche at the end of the Golden Road, making her, at the time of this 1986 episode, the biggest daytime winner to date before she ever got to the showcases. Counting the $43,917 automobile, she walked into the Showcase Showdown having won more than $47,000 in prizes. Not bad for a day's work!
431 viewsBob finally has enough. "Dora, I've been doing this show for a long time. But how I ever ran into you, I do not know!"
354 viewsBut the contestant was the only person in the studio who DIDN'T notice. She managed to win after the audience told her which shell to place a chip in front of. Bob shows off the new ball and explains to her what she missed.
314 viewsAfter a poll of the audience, Bob decided to let the tradition continue. Eventually, though, the practice was discontinued.
314 viewsOne of the all-time worst "SuperBall" players. "Yvonne, I'll never forget you," Bob said.
442 viewsBob loves to toy with contestants during "Temptation," stalling the final digit's reveal as long as he can.
341 viewsYvonne never did get the hang of playing Skeeball. "This has never happened before," Bob said as he walked over to get a closer look.
447 viewsDaniel was more than a little excited when he won an $8,560 car!
373 viewsAt the start of a show from early 1986, Bob has Arlene stand up to show off her shirt, which reads, "Rod Roddy: My kinda guy!" Bob then mentions for the first time that Rod has become the newest official member of the 'Price' family.
318 viewsYvonne managed to throw the ball and get it stuck on top of the win circle! Bob couldn't reach the ball because of the netting, so it was just left there.
505 views"Temptation" winner Daniel lifts Bob right off his feet! Funny, he didn't LOOK Samoan!
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