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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

419 viewsA Master Key prize reveal in the early 1990s. Prizes for this game are still presented the same way today.
316 viewsThe first item up for bids is a lawn tractor, with no model! To the winner also went a supply of soap. Since no model was present, a close up shot of the product was done. We aren't sure if this was an accident or not.
422 viewsHere are two prizes revealed for the Any Number game. Instead of showing the smaller prize first, in 1977 both prizes were revealed at the same time. The car was described first, followed by the smaller prize.
407 viewsA nice wide shot of a sailboat sitting behind door number 3, which was the first item up for bids on this 1990 episode.
367 viewsHere's the first car offered for bids in a 'Price is Right' showcase from the premiere episode. Mazda has come a long way, baby!
306 viewsBob and Dian explain that the dog pictured on the "Dog Gone Good Gas Pump" has been neutered!
310 viewsThis Chevy Sprint hatchback was offered on the show back in 1986. It was valued at less than $7,000! It came with standard features, manual transmission, and AM radio.
321 viewsCheck out this unusual prize from 1990, a full size tanning bed!
366 viewsHere's Dian modeling a Chevrolet in one of the more popular car backdrops from the mid-70's.
375 viewsStraight out of the "What were they thinking?!?" file, here is the next item up for bids: one of the world's ugliest grandfather clocks, modeled by Dian who (appropriately enough) is wearing one of the world's ugliest gowns! The sad thing is, Dian's dress and the clock actually match each other!
416 viewsHere's something entire showcase behind one door. In this episode from 1974, the showcase consisted of Dacor scuba gear, wetsuits, 50 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna and...a submarine! Actual Retail Price is...$3,837
362 viewsHolly, as well as the contestant who could be heard at the time, isn't sure what this prize is! It's an amphibious vehicle!
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