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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

517 viewsLook who's in the audience! It's Ricky Schroder (from Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove, and most recently, NYPD Blue) visiting Price is Right in this 1990 episode!
502 viewsWalter, from Rockford Illinois, got on stage winning an $800 camcorder. He picked up a Mercury Tracer and a spot in Price history!
527 viewsIn Season 25, the first and only time in Price history, someone rolled all 4 correct numbers in the price of the car (the first being given free, naturally).
449 views...Here are Janice and Rod, playing a "shocking" pair of lovers!...
518 viewsThe contestant told Bob that she does a great job playing the game at home, so Bob asked Fingers to bring out a chair. That way, the contestant could pretend she was at home watching the show!
556 viewsAugust 19, 1972 was a big day for game show fans: it was the day that the first episode of 'The New Price is Right' was recorded on Stage 33 at CBS Television City. The rest as they say is history--and, as Bob would say, "Still lots more to do!"
451 viewsHow do you compete with the number one sitcom on TV? In 1986, CBS decided to experiment with six prime time specials on Thursday nights to air opposite NBC's "The Cosby Show." The ratings didn't topple Cosby, unfortunately, and we'd have to wait a while before more prime time specials appeared to greater success. Back then, this was the logo that zoomed in after the first four contestants were called to 'Come on down!'
481 viewsThis contestant really was a handful! His chip got stuck on the board this time, and here is a photo of Bob using the trustly ol' Plinko stick to get things moving again.
494 viewsAfter Mark's poem, he presented Bob with a check for $5,000 for the Dorothy Jo Barker Memorial Fund for animals. Holly's expression says it all: it was a very special gesture.
536 viewsIf Bob looks confused, it's because he is. He has mixed up the rules of the "Second Chance" in Punch-A-Bunch, mistakenly assuming that the contestant gets to keep the amount on the "Second Chance" slip regardless of whether they go on or stop. A producer is trying to set the record straight.
423 viewsEveryone in the audience was given a button to wear to commemorate the first show of 'Price's' 15th season.
505 viewsJanice decides to have a seat while they sort things out. She knows this is going to take a while to explain.
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