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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

408 viewsThe on-stage artwork for the first show of the 15th season. There were two of these, one between each door.
449 viewsThis episode was actually taped on Barker's birthday. With producers yelling at him, Janice sitting down on the job, the audience screaming, Bob asks, "Is this a little birthday joke you're playing on me?"
464 viewsBob introduced the first item up for bids, but in walked show owner Mark Goodson with Barker's Beauties in tow.
517 viewsFinally, Bob reaches the breaking point! He grabs the $10,000 bill from Janice's hands and slams it on the floor!
441 viewsFor the 1986 Prime time specials, the openings didn't have the familiar light box. Instead, the audience was in the dark with searchlights panning across the crowd.
418 viewsA cute bit during an item up for bids: Gardener Holly adds a little water to her flower...
499 viewsBob to Janice: "You're no help at all! You stand here holding this thing...put it down and help me out here!"
420 viewsThe camera would then zoom in across the studio to the "Price is Right Special" sign before calling the first four contestants.
419 views...and realizes her thumb was greener than she thought!
501 viewsRather than the match dissolve from the logo over the audience to the logo on the big doors, they dissolved to a wide shot of door number two. The stage was dark, colored spotlights were flashing around the door frames, and a single spotlight was shining on the logo.
421 viewsNot to be upstaged by a plant, Holly pulls out a pistol and shoots the poor flower...
488 viewsAs the doors opened and Bob emerged, all of the lights came up. The set was modified for the 1986 prime time specials. The doors were repainted with the gold logo, the door borders were painted gray, the channels where the chase lights were housed were covered with a gold strip and silver spotlights lined the front side of the door frames.
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