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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

393 views...which falls to a heap at her feet! Similar bits with the "growing flower" have been used over the years.
412 viewsConnie bid $1750 on her showcase. The actual retail price of her showcase is $2307...a difference of $557. Even in this early version of the showcase podiums, the difference would appear in place of the bid just as it does today.
401 viewsBob wore tuxedos for the 1986 Prime time specials. Note that the border of the turntable was gray instead of green.
414 viewsInstead of the multicolored curtains behind the audience, they used elegant silver curtains.
392 viewsDuring a chat with the Beauties, Bob asks Dian what she's looking for in a man. She says someone who's nice and unpretentious. She then notices a volunteer.
435 viewsThe open from the first permanent hour-long show in 1975: The "One Hour" appeared in a nice script typeface, to stress the new change.
466 viewsVeteran CBS cameraman Marty Wagner eagerly volunteers to date Dian. (Note the light box behind him.)
402 viewsEven Rod was dressed to the nines!
396 viewsA great shot of the art card for the 1986 Prime time special logo. This was used as a bumper during the show.
510 viewsThe image quality isn't great, but if you look closely, you can see something missing here: Bob's right shoe! Actually, he's wearing a white tennis shoe on one foot and a normal dress shoe on the other because he broke his toe! He explained that he had been walking around the house barefooted and snagged his toe on a chair.
402 views"This is a moment that had to occur, did it not?" joked Bob, after Patricia Bernard is called to "Come on Down." A man jumped to his feet and disappeared out the back door. Soon, Patricia made her way to Contestants' Row straight from the ladies room. What was the first prize she had to bid on? A waterbed!!
444 viewsThe absence of the sign was not explained.
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