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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

534 viewsHe kept the Plinko Stick at the ready for the remainder of the game. "Bring out the prize with the Super Ball!"
585 viewsWatch out for a man flailing his Plinko Stick...especially when the contestant has scored all three prizes! (With that boat in the background he looks like a swashbuckler!)
558 viewsAnother Showcase staple was the Price Is Right Giant Crossword Puzzle, which in fact was only slightly taller than Janice.
511 viewsLittle Toot, the intrepid TPIR watercraft, is having a spot of trouble trying to transport one of its own.
584 viewsRemember that large camera that Johnny would lead us to believe could take pictures of home viewers?
754 viewsWhen a contestant bids $12000 on a motorcycle in the one bid, Barker wants to know why they can't ring it up on the readouts. (Note the flip card that reads TEST on top of the slate.)
888 viewsIt's a special day when you know what ALL the games are going to be before one is even played. The show, #5875D, will feature Super Ball, Range Game, 3 Strikes Plus, Bump, One Away and Grand Game.
626 viewsThen Phil has to call the booth and bust some heads when the buzzer doesn't ring for an overbid.
537 viewsEven Holly got into the act kidding Bob about his troubles with Samoan women. Big John asked this woman what she would do if she met Bob. "I would grab him so hard his feet would not touch the ground and carry him all the way back to Samoa!"
469 viewsThe newspaper art card which had different headlines depending on the theme of the showcase. It was commonly used in the Time Capsule showcases, and for other skits as well. But today's big story: "Licensing Procedure Changes Examined by City Council."
521 viewsStanley Agita takes a bad trip on Punk Airlines, with a flight crew that's about two Go-Go's short.
456 viewsBob Barker welcomes loyal viewers to the first show of the 15th season of "The Price is Right" in September, 1986.
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