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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

532 viewsOriginally, the credits were all printed in the typeface now commonly referred to as 'Pricedown.' While this look maintained continuity with the show's logo, it made for some credits that were very difficult to read while the credit roll was in motion.
549 viewsBy 1975, Price switched to a cleaner, easier-to-read typeface that was similar to the one used for the ticket plug.
430 views...and last but not least, here is Dian, who is threatening to cut her lover's brake lines!
484 viewsHere's the original on-screen graphic used when a smart bidder managed to get within $100 of the retail price of his or her showcase, thereby winning both showcases.
408 viewsIn this 1990 showcase skit called "The Edge of Taste", a soap opera parody, the models and Rod play very scary characters!...
457 viewsThe late Mark Goodson, owner of 'The Price is Right' made a surprise appearance on the first show of the 15th year to read a poem saluting the milestone. He was accompanied onstage with Barker's Beauties.
386 viewsA good closeup of Mark Goodson as he salutes "The Price is Right"--one of his proudest achievements.
566 viewsBob and Janice have such peculiar looks on their faces. I wonder what they are up to? Maybe they are wondering what game will be played next?
445 viewsHere is the lovely Dian, handing the Plinko chip back to this troublemaker!
422 viewsHappy Holidays from the Price is Right!
600 viewsHere, the credits go haywire for a moment as a glare hits the crawl board. The camera shooting the crawl board is photographing white letters on a black background. The switcher electronically removes the black area but gets confused by the sudden burst of light, causing this embarrassing effect.
443 viewsThe original bumper logo from the very first episode of "The Price is Right" in 1972.
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