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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

405 viewsProfessional golfer Frank Greco, husband of 'Price's' own 'Fingers' Greco, appeared on the show to demonstrate a set of golf clubs. Bob was so impressed by his golf swing that he had Frank make three shots. For the purposes of this gallery, an inset photo with a better view of Frank's face was added.
503 viewsBob acknowledges producer Barbara Hunter on her birthday.
349 views"I'm not as old as I look."
392 viewsWho sabotaged Bob's putter? Who else? Bob Chic, angling for (a) camera time and (b) the balance of the paychecks of the other technicians and stage managers!
407 viewsRoger looks as if he's having a rough day!
380 viewsDian drags stage manager Doug Quick out from the wings for a birthday salute.
374 viewsHere's Phil Rossi setting out to make his very first Inspiration putt.
332 viewsNot a very inspiring result on Phil's part.
423 viewsLong-suffering TPIR stagehand and the Golf Game's all time leading backstage money winner, Bob Chic. Before TPIR, he worked at ABC on Monty Hall's "Let's Make a Deal".
406 viewsFor many years Bob's personal assistant was Sherrell Paris, who was part of the 1960's singing trio The Paris Sisters. Their biggest hit was "I Love How You Love Me", #5 in October 1961. Sherrell sings the praises of a karaoke machine on this 1993 episode.
506 viewsWith the beauties providing the backing, Sherrell helps them show off the karaoke machine.
436 viewsKathy "Fingers" Greco was an honorary Barker's Beauty on April 18, 1994.
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