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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Last additions - United Kingdom (1980s)
217 viewsThe only thing to note here is the Big Wheel sticking out of the wallAug 28, 2007
229 viewsShe only had 1 right but there is plenty of time on the clockAug 28, 2007
262 viewsAfter the first series, the TV commissions said the wheel was too much a game of chance so they replaced the wheel with Supermarket.Aug 28, 2007
249 viewsThe contestants had 15 seconds to select 4 of 6 grocery products. The one who picked 4 whose total was closest to £20 (over or under) advanced to the showcase.Aug 28, 2007
243 viewsThe model is there to escort this contestant away after Leslie announced she had spent £25Aug 28, 2007
230 viewsThese 4 prizes (a picnic basket, Mickey Mouse phone, oven and coffee maker) are wheeled out for...Aug 28, 2007
264 views...the first incarnation of Race Game. It uses the same clock as The Clock Game. It is very much like the US version. 45 seconds and you can see the handle on the right-hand side of the clock.Aug 28, 2007
216 viewsLeslie shows off the run down of the pricesAug 28, 2007
211 viewsNo stands in this game, the models hold the price tagsAug 28, 2007
211 viewsAnd there's a reveal of all of the pricesAug 28, 2007
237 viewsMr Goodson gets a plug at the endAug 28, 2007
220 viewsWilliam G. Stewart stayed through all 100 episodes of Leslie's Price is RightAug 28, 2007
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