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259 viewsA shot of the Romanian logo for Pretul CorectAug 29, 2007
616 viewsFrom the Indonesian version (Tarek Harga), here is their version of Cliffhangers. The title, Zarasambhalke, translates to 'Tread Carefully'. It was hosted by Muhammad Farhan and didn't last long because of instability of the national currency.Aug 29, 2007
363 viewsThe host, Stelian Nistor, stands in front of the video wall. The set is a fusion of Bruce's Price is Right and Der Preiss ist Heiss (Germany)Aug 29, 2007
323 viewsPretul Corect is the Romanian version of Price. Here's a good shot of Contestants RowAug 29, 2007
357 viewsAnother shot of Stelian and the models draped on a car in front of the big doors. This version started in 1997 and ended in the early 2000s.Aug 29, 2007
369 viewsDigo lo que Vale was the version of The Price is Right in Peru. It aired from about 1982 to 1985 (give or take a year) and was hosted by Johnny LópezAug 29, 2007
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