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Last additions - Around the Studio
1251 viewsA shot of the back of the studio.Aug 22, 2007
1242 viewsHere you see the green border that surrounds one of the sets of big doors. The border is being hauled backstage after a week's worth of tapings has been completed. Aug 22, 2007
961 viewsHere's Marc leaving Television City after taking in a week's worth of tapings. To give this picture some perspecitive, you are looking at a raised area where some CBS employees and guests park. Down below and to the right, some more important CBS employees park (in fact, the car that you see in the lower right-hand corner of the picture belongs to an unnamed CBS late night host), and you will find the contestant line-up benches shown elsewhere in the gallery. This is the north side of the building. Aug 22, 2007
968 viewsThis is the big TPiR sign that hangs on the camera left side of the studio. The new look to the sign is simply provided by some good paintwork. It is really the same sign that has been there for years!Aug 22, 2007
1241 viewsThis document is taped to a cabinet outside of Bob Barker's dressing room. We think it speaks for itself!Aug 22, 2007
924 viewsThis is the old CBS ticket window. This has since been moved to a freestanding trailer. See the news section for ticket information and contestant tips.Aug 22, 2007
1031 viewsHere it is, the official Price is Right record book! You think we are joking, right? We aren't! This is next to the producer's table. It's actually a small cabinet that contains item up for bids price cards, showcase price cards, and other paraphanelia.Aug 22, 2007
1243 viewsThis board, called "the slate" has the show number and all of the games to be played on that particular day. Bob will often use this board to see what game is next, or when mentioning which games were won and lost. They change the slate around for every show right before they bring in the audience.Aug 22, 2007
1186 viewsThis is where the late Rod Roddy did his work. This picture (and the lack of organization) really speaks for itself.Aug 22, 2007
1050 viewsThis image was taken just forward of where the sound operator is stationed, but it gives a good idea of what the view would be from that position. At this moment, the Range Game is being played Aug 22, 2007
1109 viewsAt this table sits producers Roger Dobkowitz, Kathy "Fingers" Greco, and Phil Rossi. Further back is where the pricing games are operated. Behind the glass on the left is where the sound keyboard is located. Further back, there are a series of drawers that house all the printed materials for the games (i.e. Money Game, Grand Game). Aug 22, 2007
1065 viewsThe green covers over the "THE", "PRICE", "IS", and "RIGHT" seats are removable.Aug 22, 2007
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