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Last additions - The Announcers
721 viewsAn audience member surprised Rod by bringing her yearbook to the show! It turns out she was a classmate of Rod way back when. When it was time for Rod's cameo, Bob had him hold up the yearbook photo and complemented Rod on how little he'd aged after all those years.Aug 26, 2007
524 viewsThey took a quick shot of Rod when he made a blunder with Bob's name! The next contestant was named "Donna." When Bob asked Rod for a contestant, Rod said, "Well, Don --" and quickly caught himself. Barker had fun with him over the slip-up.Aug 26, 2007
466 viewsBob jokes that this is like watching a show within a show!Aug 26, 2007
474 viewsBut before Rod can sample one of them, Janice steps in to remind him that sweets aren't on his diet!Aug 26, 2007
470 viewsA great shot of Rod answering a specs question from a contestant.Aug 26, 2007
514 viewsAnd once his beloved Janice is safe, Captain Klutz is on the move, stopping the evil Anitra from escaping in her brand new Mustang!Aug 26, 2007
464 viewsRod appears on the television he's describing. He adds that the winning bidder will receive a supply of delicious cookies!Aug 26, 2007
406 viewsCaptain Klutz saves the day, busting through a (paper) brick wall to rescue Janice just in the nick of time from the comfort of a La-Z-Boy.Aug 26, 2007
659 viewsRod Roddy, having officially become Johnny Olson's permanent replacement at the mic.Aug 26, 2007
733 viewsHere's a great shot for two reasons. First, it shows the legendary Johnny Olson, TPIR's first announcer, about to transform himself into superhero 'Captain Klutz.' But as he walked from his lecturn to the main stage, we got a glimpse of the way the credits were made. Just behind him, you can see the "crawl drum," a small device that contains the credits on a long roll of black paper. A motor operates the drum and the paper rolls the credits past the camera lens. To the left is the "short credits" crawl.Aug 26, 2007
443 viewsJohnny Olson as "Joan," in a showcase spoofing "Dear Abby."Aug 26, 2007
585 viewsThe cameraman catches Rod at an unusual angle in this episode. Rod's looking spiffy in this bright yellow blazer!Aug 26, 2007
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