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Last additions - The Announcers
572 viewsRod Roddy making an on-camera appearance during a showcase, taking the dreaded 'Announcer's Test.' The scripts were chock full of difficult tongue twisters that Rod was almost always able to master with ease.Aug 26, 2007
517 viewsAnother nice smile from Rod Roddy, who has just passed another dreaded "Announcer's Test" showcase!Aug 26, 2007
446 viewsHere is Rod dressed up as Santa in this 1992 showcase skit.Aug 26, 2007
486 viewsThe illustrious Rod Roddy, reading a Christmas story during a 1980s showcase skit.Aug 26, 2007
537 viewsRod mugs for the camera after a quick cameo to repeat a detail about an item up for bids. Aug 26, 2007
546 viewsRod is seen here wearing a sparkily blueish hat (sent to him by a fan), which matches his sparkily blueish jacket! Bob said "Rod, you look kinda cute!"Aug 26, 2007
511 viewsAnnouncer Rod Roddy participated in his share of showcases over the years. Here you see such an occasion.Aug 26, 2007
583 viewsWhen announcers were shown on camera, this was a typical shot used to call contestants to "Come On Down!" Here is Rod calling down a contestant in a 1990 episode.Aug 26, 2007
492 viewsThe "Little Red Roddyhood" showcase skit from 1990.Aug 26, 2007
590 viewsJohnny Olson, TPIR's first announcer, about to transform himself into superhero 'Captain Klutz.' Just over his shoulder is the crawl board that shows the "short credits," the "MGBT" logo, the Television City credit, and the show logo. And just to the left is the tall board used to display the promotional consideration credits. Note its shape: by being curved inward it prevented the individual lines from being distorted, an effect known as "keystoning." A camera would tilt down each board, which would make the information "roll" up the screen.Aug 26, 2007
454 viewsSaving the day as "Captain Klutz" and reading reams of copy without ever making an error as Johnny Olson is a tough job...but SOMEBODY has to do it!Aug 26, 2007
468 viewsJohnny Olson shares a funny moment with Bob.Aug 26, 2007
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