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232 viewsThe Big doors part to reveal...Oct 27, 2007
234 views...three wonderful prizes!Oct 27, 2007
225 viewsTo win each prize, he must pick which of two prices is the price of the small prize. In this case, Ball#3 is attached to this cameraOct 27, 2007
461 viewsHe chose the laserdisc player, fridge and dishwasher for the win! These are the prizes that he wins...not all 5Aug 31, 2007
400 viewsHis credit limit is £2,250Aug 31, 2007
436 viewsThe next contestant could win three of these 5 prizes! The prizes are a dollhouse, laserdisc player, fridge, dishwasher and a TV with Nintendo64Aug 31, 2007
487 viewsPresenting the giant credit card to play...uh...Credit CardAug 31, 2007
459 viewsThe next closest earns you 2 rolls and the farthest price gives you only 1 rollAug 30, 2007
622 viewsIn the final series of BPiR, ITV switched the credits to a "split screen" to better fit with the look of other programs on the networkAug 30, 2007
397 viewsLater, in Let 'Em Roll's history, they ditched the grocery items and switched to a On The Nose scoring system. Can you pick the exact price from the 3?Aug 30, 2007
458 viewsThe player did and won 3 rollsAug 30, 2007
379 viewsAnd here, Pearson is merely a subsidiary of Grundy (and later Fremantle)Aug 30, 2007
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