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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

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872 viewsOh no…the last contestant to play Ten Chances didn’t fare all to well.Aug 21, 2007
762 viewsAnd here’s the two table props that are used in Balance Game. One holds the bags that the contestant has to chose from, while the other hold’s the prize value bag and contains the price readout…which was recently expanded to include five digits.Aug 21, 2007
775 viewsIt’s a scaleless balance!Aug 21, 2007
802 viewsThe scales of Balance Game are disassembled while the game is in storage.Aug 21, 2007
805 views…and a close-up of the game’s grocery area.Aug 21, 2007
882 viewsTPiR’s Art Department is the greatest…and in this case they outdid themselves. When Stack the Deck was built, Bente and crew actually turned the game’s logo into the price reveal. Here you can see the upside down logo on the back of the prop, while the car’s correct price is visible on the front side of the prop.Aug 21, 2007
966 viewsEddie and John were among the first in America to get their picture taken with TPiR’s newest game…Stack the Deck.Aug 21, 2007
858 viewsHere we see Bob greeting audience members after the misfortune of a double overbid.Aug 21, 2007
913 viewsOh no…a double overbid! As is the procedure for this bit of bad luck, Bob descends into the audience pit to greet his studio audience prior to the close of the show.Aug 21, 2007
850 viewsGina and Ron listen for the contestant’s Showcase bid and get ready to transmit the bid to the podium readout.Aug 21, 2007
897 viewsAs he has been gracious enough to do for the past 34 years, he we see Bob fielding audience questions before the start of the Showcases.Aug 21, 2007
876 viewsRoger is done explaining the rules of the day’s second Showcase Showdown. Bob is now ready to do what he does best!Aug 21, 2007
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