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1007 viewsYep! Roger verifies that $2,247 is in fact the correct price for the wine cabinet.Aug 21, 2007
1013 viewsProducer Roger Dobkowitz verifies that the price is right during the pre-show rehearsal of Shopping Spree.Aug 21, 2007
1073 viewsSo does Eddie Walker.Aug 21, 2007
936 viewsMarc is not a savvy player, so he decides not to make any recommendations. If it were up to him, he’d pick the center key!Aug 21, 2007
1180 viewsHere you can see the rear of the Hole In One sign prop. Note the release mechanisms that help rotate the golf ball (after Bob presses the button, of course!).Aug 21, 2007
1201 viewsJohn shows us which key he’d pick if he were playing Master Key!Aug 21, 2007
1095 viewsAny guesses? Yes that’s right – this is the underside of the Hole In One putting green! This was a Mystery Photo for the Season 35 Kickoff Contest.Aug 21, 2007
1146 viewsA prop from the Passport Showcase, used on the episode that aired on November 2, 2006.Aug 21, 2007
1220 viewsWhat the audience sees when Master Key is up next. As you can see, the game’s logo is easily visible from the studio audience.Aug 21, 2007
1124 viewsA new TPiR covering has been placed to the left of Contestant’s Row. This conceals some of the electronic inputs that are down here.Aug 21, 2007
1172 viewsThe full rehearsal view. We have Master Key, the Master Key prize package, and a little pre-show chit chat.Aug 21, 2007
1192 viewsHere will see a rehearsal for Master Key, complete with one of TPiR’s newest props – the car turntable!Aug 21, 2007
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