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716 viewsJanice rockin' out - play that guitar!Dec 16, 2012
1043 viewsOne of the neater reveals to come out of 80s Price. While Janice modeled these two monitors offered as an item up for bids, a shot of Rod was shown in monitor 1 while monitor 2 showed a pan of the four contestants!Dec 16, 2012
1723 viewsFor a very brief time early in it's tenure on the show, Buy or Sell's game board was placed on top of a giant purple base!Dec 16, 2012
1034 viewsA big winner in the Dice Game, ca. early 80s Price!Dec 16, 2012
660 viewsThe actual retail price is....Dec 16, 2012
637 viewsThis contestant from 1988 is about to walk the Golden Road - our namesake game!Dec 16, 2012
Switcheroo758 viewsOne of the very first instances of Switcheroo being played for a 5-digit car!Dec 16, 2012
435 viewsMarilyn guesses $239, and it sure is!Aug 27, 2007
474 viewsAgain, Dennis shows how classy he is by taking Marilyn's hand and escorting her to the TV / Stereo.Aug 27, 2007
456 viewsThe audience groans as Marilyn selects $675 as the price of the entertainment unit. Aug 27, 2007
520 viewsA Tappan compactor and a Teledyne 25" color television and stereo. Holy smokes, it's double Double Prices.Aug 27, 2007
459 viewsFirst the compactor. Is it $239 or $150. Hey, the 239 is missing its dollar sign!Aug 27, 2007
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