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663 viewsTom Kennedy -- not the contestant -- asks if he has two numbers right. Note the original neon sign.Aug 26, 2007
862 viewsBob makes his way to the producers' table in a 1983 episode. You can see the show's production number on the slate, and the first two game cards: Give or Keep and Race Game. Another clue: there's the Race Game price board tucked away behind the turntable area.Aug 26, 2007
569 viewsWhenever prizes were presented on the turntable in the 1970's, all the lights in the studio went down except for a spot on the prize. Then Barker was lit up as he asked for the opening bid, after which point the studio lights returned to normal.Aug 26, 2007
554 viewsWhen Hole in One started, Bob would always tell the audience, "I have never missed a putt!" The audience would then catcall and boo, which may have reminded him of his many visits to "Match Game". Aug 26, 2007
529 viewsEven in 1976 Bob was telling contestants, "Don't touch the chip."Aug 26, 2007
690 viewsBy the mid 70's, when Bob made his entrance, he was standing in front of the original 'Barker Wall.'Aug 26, 2007
716 viewsWill you accept this rose? Bob Cupid leaps out on this show, aired February 14, 1973. He offered roses to all six contestants, and announced that only women would be called to play on the show. He then pointed into the crowd and quipped, "There's a man getting up to leave."Aug 26, 2007
724 viewsWhat do YOU think Bob is saying here?Aug 26, 2007
715 viewsHere's Bob Barker entering the studio, complete with the 'Barker Wall' that we all know and love. This picture is from Season 26, or 1997.Aug 26, 2007
551 viewsVeteran emcee Tom Kennedy hosted the nighttime syndicated version of the show in the mid 1980's.Aug 26, 2007
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