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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Dennis James
592 viewsAnd there is an excited Betty as the show comes to a close.
570 viewsThis Dennis James episode taped on 9/4/72 -- the very same day that the Barker daytime show premiered.
535 viewsSomebody is standing offstage who wastes no time handing Betty her paperwork.
522 viewsUp the stairs go Dennis and Betty, and around the turntable comes Janice and Grocery Game!
522 viewsA Tappan compactor and a Teledyne 25" color television and stereo. Holy smokes, it's double Double Prices.
520 views"Now right behind this price tag are two more great prizes. Now, you can win both of those. We'll tell you what they are then we'll tell you how to play. Let's show her Johnny!"
516 viewsBetty is playing for this Sohmer piano and Masonite wall worth $1,785. Thanks to Robair Mackey, we can tell you that Harriet is the model showing us the piano.
505 viewsBetty is the first winner of the evening. Note how Dennis waits and escorts her up to the turntable. Classy.
504 viewsDennis tells Betty that Janice will be ringing up her purchases on the cash register.
495 viewsOops! The cameraman got caught on camera as Dennis tells us how the one-bids work.
481 viewsActual retail price -- $520. Marilyn is our winner, which means that all of tonight's winners have come from the first one bid position.
475 viewsTechnical problems prevailed at this early taping. They had a bit of a problem getting the logo to display at the proper brightness.
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