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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - Meet The Folks
770 viewsNikki Ziering, Doug Bradshaw, Rod Roddy, Claudia Jordan, Jake Mangin, and Brandi Sherwood.
764 viewsDuring commercials, Bob Barker is always happy to take questions from the studio audience. Here is such an example. Also, you can see that best efforts are always made to conceal games and prizes from the in-house audience.
727 viewsBob and Roger are discussing the day's show during rehearsal. Bob is usually not a part of rehearsal, but today was a special day.
682 viewsBob always took a moment to thank Rod after a taping. Here is such an example.
680 viewsA rare shot of Bob Barker making his entrance through Door Number 2. This video still was captured during Season 26.
660 viewsThis is an actual check won by TPiR contestant Jon Newbold in October 2001. Jon won $6,000 playing Pass the Buck, but CBS automatically deducts California state taxes from cash payouts.
653 viewsClaudia Jordan and Burton Richardson.
641 viewsThanks to Claudia Jordan for providing this photo to As you can see, it's a photo of her and Brandi Sherwood posing backstage before a taping.
624 viewsThis is a shot of Bob thanking the audience at the end of a taping. Right after this, a door prize winner will be selected and the audience will exit.
589 viewsThe lovely Claudia has your first item up for bids, an exciting train set!
586 viewsAnd what do you bid Randy?
577 viewsA photo of Rich Fields during rehearsal just a week after he was officially hired as the 3rd announcer of The Price is Right. Notice the original podium is still in use!
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