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Most viewed - Remember What? - FINISH LINE
1312 viewsNow, if the combination of the three remaining products add up to more than $92, she's a winner. "GENTLEMEN, IT'S POST TIME!"
1010 viewsAnd we're going to play the Finish Line Game for that fantastic prize! In order for her to win this game, the horse must cross the Finish Line. How does he do that? Well, the contestant will be shown three pairs of prizes. She must select the one which she believes is more expensive of the two. The price of the one she selects will coincide with the distance the horse travels. The one left over will coincide with the how far down the track the Finish Line will be!
1006 viewsA really sharp picture of our host in front of a Finish Line win. Note the horse just across the Finish Line as well as the faint prices of the prizes lit up just behind Bob.
995 viewsTwo more prizes for your choosing. Let's look...
984 viewsBob says we're off to commercial. She won this game despite making an incorrect choice between the Snug Sack and the Refinishing Kit!
892 viewsOut the gates we go! The trumpets sound, the race music plays, and the audience is clapping along to help that horse cross the Finish Line!
876 viewsA little more than half way, we've found out that the shoes were $33...
859 viewsHere's the prize she'll be playing for today: A New Jukebox! It's a prize worth $1,995!
839 viewsThat waffle maker was $29! The Finish Line is now at $54.
799 viewsAnd the Spice Rack was $35! Add on the Snug Sack at $30 and she's a winner!
790 viewsFinally, here's our last set of prizes.
762 viewsShe selected the Snug Sack. The Finish Line is moving to it's final mark at 92. Incidentally, the contestant gets to keep any prizes she selected, regardless if she wins.
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