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512 views...Jet Dry water spot preventer...
512 viewsHolly, Dian and Kathleen visit Vicki Lawrence in 1993 just before Dian's exit from the show. Vicki also played host to Susan Stafford, Carol Merrill, and Summer Bartholomew in the episode.
511 viewsHolly Hallstrom in her first year with the show, 1977.
510 viewsHolly makes a less-than-inspired "Inspiration Putt" in "Hole in One...or Two"
505 viewsHolly explains what she's looking for in a man during a Barker's Beauty Interview.
505 viewsA double delight for a ceiling fan presentation. The winning bidder also gets a caftan from Queen's Way to Fashion. Or would you rather have a case of Clindo?
501 viewsVery few game show models' careers have spanned as many years as the career of Mary Poms. She started in 1967 on ABC's "Temptation", ended in 1985 on "Catch Phrase" (under real name Shana Forman), and in the middle was "The Wizard of Odds" (1974 with rookie American host Alex Trebek) and substitute duty on TPIR in the mid-70's.
500 viewsAnother sword-and-silliness epic from the fevered brow of Jay Wolpert! It all paid off when he wrote "The Count of Monte Cristo" a few years back. Ben Her (Janice) challenges her archrival, Mazola (Holly), in a chariot race that has taken to the Los Angeles Freeway system.
498 viewsThe item up for bids was a set of encyclopedia. Dian became so engrossed in one volume that she walked down from the turntable and bumped into Barker!
492 viewsWhen Bob let his hair go gray, Janice Pennington, chalk in hand, decided to adjust Bob Barker's portrait on the $10,000 bill during a Punchboard
490 views"The Price is Right's" answer to the Andrews Sisters: Dian, Holly and Janice sing the plug to a Karioke machine up for bids. Unfortunately, they never released an album!
489 viewsCBS had two Captains on its schedule in 1978: Captain Kangaroo, and Captain Jan, who would prance around the stage solving people's problems and generally saving the day.
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