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404 viewsAnother good scout, the pigtailed Dian.
401 viewsThe girls try to figure out how the putt went in. As you may be able to see there was a small hump in the carpet on the green, and the ball just dumped off at the right speed and went in.
399 viewsAnd every so often, Dian was needed in a bikini for a boat presentation so Ralph, the TPIR Robot, was ready to lend an electronic robotic hand.
398 viewsDian works the TPIR elevator in this long-running showcase.
394 viewsThe monster (Janice) goes berserk and lays waste to the carnival stand.
394 viewsJanice loves that peanut butter! Thank goodness this isn't "Say When!!" or else it'd be leaking out the bottom.
394 viewsWe make another visit to the TPIR nursery to see what the babies have on their minds.
391 viewsShe's getting to be a pro at this cash register business!
388 viewsPlasti-kote spray paint is fetchingly supported by Holly.
388 viewsCarhop Holly looks for people sneaking into the drive in, but can only find things like an organ, a pinball machine and a motorcycle.
388 viewsBob has Janice stay on stage after making his entrance. He asks her about exercise, and reveals to the audience that she recently hyperventilated and passed out while exercising. She adds that she had bitten her tongue and had to have stitches! Ouch!
385 viewsAnd here's Dian as a bank teller.
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