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378 views...and "A".
378 viewsBaby Holly tells her playmates that her parents will let her drive home from the nursery in her new car!
375 viewsBaby Janice can't quite remember that she's going to be an "international skating star", and has to be prompted by Baby Holly about what her line is. Note the microphone sticking out of her chest!
372 viewsCarlos deAbreau, husband of Janice Pennington, visited the show and was pointed out to America (much to Janice's surprise) by Barker.
370 viewsHolly shows off those wonderful shorty-overalls with the gold spangles and those rhinestone-studded TPIR t-shirts. When I worked in a warehouse, how come I never got that lucky?
365 viewsJanice can't believe it, for a change! How did it go in the hole?
364 viewsA popular series of showcases featured the girls in various work situations, describing the strange things that happen to them on the job. In this one, Holly was a park ranger.
364 viewsBaby Dian.
362 viewsBut what's this? It's headed right for the cup! It goes in! Janice isn't even watching!
360 viewsHere's Janice, and she's pushed badly her Inspiration putt.
356 viewsBefore she became Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, Gena Lee Nolin paused during a safari bonus prize to show off a camera. (1994)
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