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Most viewed - The Announcers
506 viewsJohnny looked like a slimmer, bespectacled Stubby Kaye in this showcase, where he played a snake oil salesman. Dian tried her best to look like a Jackie Coogan-type street urchin, but in that sweater, she really didn't.
500 viewsAnd once his beloved Janice is safe, Captain Klutz is on the move, stopping the evil Anitra from escaping in her brand new Mustang!
495 viewsJohnny Olson does his mentalist character, The Great Marvello. This time around he divines the answers from questions in sealed envelopes without actually having seen the questions. Sound familiar? All he needs is Ed McMahon, a turban -- and a pretty good lawyer or two! (Actually, Steve Allen beat them all, having done that bit frequently on his late 1950's variety show.)
493 viewsA recurring skit showcase in the late 70's-early 80's was Dr. John, Practicing Quack. At the end of the showcase a land shark (Dian) puts the bite on the doctor.
490 viewsJohnny never passed up a moment like this!
490 viewsThe "Little Red Roddyhood" showcase skit from 1990.
484 viewsThe illustrious Rod Roddy, reading a Christmas story during a 1980s showcase skit.
471 viewsAy whiskers, it's Chef Johnny, going to whip up another Showcase delight!
466 viewsJohnny Olson shares a funny moment with Bob.
466 viewsBut before Rod can sample one of them, Janice steps in to remind him that sweets aren't on his diet!
463 viewsJohnny probably got a look at himself in the monitor in his getup for "Johnny's Wild World of Wildlife", since he couldn't quite get out his greeting without laughing.
461 viewsA great shot of Rod answering a specs question from a contestant.
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