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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

Most viewed - The Announcers
457 viewsHere's a nervous Johnny Olson, biting his nails! I wonder what he's so fearful of?
454 viewsBob jokes that this is like watching a show within a show!
453 viewsRod appears on the television he's describing. He adds that the winning bidder will receive a supply of delicious cookies!
452 viewsSaving the day as "Captain Klutz" and reading reams of copy without ever making an error as Johnny Olson is a tough job...but SOMEBODY has to do it!
444 viewsHere is Rod dressed up as Santa in this 1992 showcase skit.
436 viewsGene Wood takes on the role of Santa Claus in a 1985 Home Viewer Showcase. You better be good!
434 viewsJohnny Olson as "Joan," in a showcase spoofing "Dear Abby."
419 viewsEwww! Somebody get him a kleenex. (At least he brought his mic to school!)
406 viewsIt's that priceless mountain sage, Obi-Wan Kniblick! Each girl would climb up the mountain and state their problem, and Obi-Wan would solve it with a well-placed prize.
397 viewsCaptain Klutz saves the day, busting through a (paper) brick wall to rescue Janice just in the nick of time from the comfort of a La-Z-Boy.
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