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586 viewsYou want heartbreak? How about poor Dolores, who actually lost Hole in One in 1982 after getting all six products in order and winning a putt from the closest line! She didn't push the ball hard enough. And this was well before the two-putt rule was in place.
579 viewsThis player was hoping to draw a small card on her last pull. It was a ten. Any card would have helped, but the ten gave her one of the best wins in Card Game history (1976).
533 views'Well, they're young and they'll understand!' When Lilie was called to "come on down," she came on up on stage. Bob asked her how she was going to explain it to the three contestants waiting to win their way up. Her response clearly delighted Bob and got huge laughs from the audience.
526 viewsYou have to look carefully at this picture from a 1988 playing of "Master Key," but you'll notice something's wrong with the key Bob is holding. It turns out that when Todd put the key into the middle lock, the end of the key slipped off. Bob joked that the key was worth $5,000! Todd ended up not having to worry about what might have been opened with the broken key...his other choice was the Master Key.
519 viewsDenise wins a Porsche at the end of the Golden Road, making her, at the time of this 1986 episode, the biggest daytime winner to date before she ever got to the showcases. Counting the $43,917 automobile, she walked into the Showcase Showdown having won more than $47,000 in prizes. Not bad for a day's work!
512 viewsBob is amazed that Lisa didn't win a cent on five chips! So Bob climbs up the steps and gives it his all. "And ladies and gentlemen, if I am elected..."
507 views"Temptation" winner Daniel lifts Bob right off his feet! Funny, he didn't LOOK Samoan!
495 viewsTwo Double Showcase Winners: from 1989...
491 viewsElijah wins his Showcase and brings us an un-4-gettable total.
480 viewsBob Barker calls this, "the most talked-about moment in 'Price is Right' history!" Yolanda is called to come on down, and forgets she was wearing a tube top. What happened next, as Bob likes to say, was that "she came on down and they came on out!
479 viewsAn amazing Cliffhanger win! Hans stops on 25 and she wins the game!
475 viewsThe rules of TPIR state that you have to put your full legal first name on your price tag. K. couldn't. She's a Hawaiian girl, and her first name is one of those long affairs -- in fact, it's over 60 letters long!
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