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Most viewed - The Contestants
337 viewsBob's happy for her, but that's not the point, as he continues his story about what a great high school basketball player he was!
337 viewsAilene clearly didn't think she'd won her showcase. When Bob pointed at her and said, "You WIN," what happened next was priceless.
337 viewsDespite her best efforts, she managed to only win one prize.
336 viewsShe sees the new color TV and continues crying! After she got into her game, she settled down and the tears stopped.
336 viewsYou all remember Iila, right? Who could forget the woman who bid $9000 on "a surfer's most excellent prize"?
335 views...crying all the way to the bank with over $9000 in winnings and a place in all our memories.
332 viewsBob decided to allow Yvonne to use the next prize's ball for the one that had gotten stuck, and he sent Dian to look for an extra one to use for the next prize.
331 viewsBut wouldn't you know it: she's right back on stage and ready to play the "Race Game."
329 viewsShe goes all the way around the audience and straight up on stage! Bob holds her hand as she comes up one side, then leads her straight back down via the other set of steps.
328 viewsDon't you love a big winner?
326 viewsRemember Tanya, who played Cover Up in 1996 like nobody else ever had?
326 viewsWith just over $11,000 in winnings, Ailene fainted at the thought of being the day's big winner. Bob hurriedly signed off as models and a production assistant rushed to the contestant's aid.
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